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Medical directorship:

Selma Yildirim-Assaf MD
Selma Yildirim-Assaf MD

Crispinusstraße 12
46399 Bocholt
Phone: +49 (0)2871 2394343
Fax: +49 (0)2871 239 43-44

Legal form: GmbH (limited liability company)
Register court: Coesfeld
Commercial register no.: HRB 18004
Legal representatives: Managing director: Alexander Kloft
Data protection officer: Marc Weiß

Supervisory authorities with oversight:
Members of the “Landesärztekammer Westfalen-Lippe”
(Westphalia-Lippe State Medical Association)
Members of the “Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Westfalen-Lippe”
(Westphalia-Lippe Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians)
“Berufsordnung der Landesärztekammer”
(Code of Ethics of Westphalia-Lippe State Chamber of Physicians)
Statutory job title
Selma Yildirim-Assaf MD
Selma Yildirim-Assaf MD
(The legal job titles were awarded in Germany.)


The health information we give doctors and patients has its origins in the standards of evidence-based medicine. The information quality of the texts is, among other things, guaranteed by refraining from accepting advertising of any kind (“no advertisements accepted”) and limiting the use of links to scientific websites that are subject to quality control.

All medical and health advice is given exclusively by professionals who are trained and qualified in medicine/health science.

External financing and sponsoring are refrained from, the display of advertising banners does not take place. With the exception of links to organisations representing those people concerned (fertility clubs), links are only placed to institutions that demonstrably adhere to the same strict quality standards.

Financing comes from our own resources; we receive no external support, either financially or in terms of content. Responsible for the contents within the meaning of the law: Alexander Kloft

All persons and institutions named on this website hereby object to their data being used for commercial reasons or to being disclosed (Sec. 28 German Federal Data Protection Act – BDSG).
Additional information on data protection can be found here.

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